How do I manage my fleet? Am I working with Rentalcars.com directly? What’s the commission rate? How do I get paid? The answers to all of these, and more, are listed below.

What types of businesses join Marketplace?

Marketplace has been designed to allow smaller, independent suppliers a bigger share of the global market through access to Rentalcars.com customers. There’s no set maximum or minimum number of cars you need to have available, all we ask is that you’re a reputable company with all the legal and roadworthy relevant checks in place. Our technology is here to help you optimise your fleet. The more cars you add, the more you can earn.

What will I need in order to sign-up?

It’s in everyone’s best interests for us to check that our partners are capable of providing a great service. That’s why we run a few checks at sign-up.

We’ll ask you to prove that you:

  • Are a company
  • Have been around for over two years
  • Have appropriate fleet insurance and Public Liability Insurance

There are also some requirements on the condition of your cars.

What will happen after I sign up?

Here’s how it works:

  • You sign up
  • We run our checks on your company details
  • You get access to your Marketplace Dashboard
  • You can update your prices and availability, add discounts, etc
  • Once we’ve checked your info, your cars go live on Marketplace.

After you’ve registered, we review your information to make sure we have everything we need. In the meantime you’ll have access to your Marketplace Dashboard, where you can fine-tune your prices, add length of rental discounts, and manage your availability. You can login at any time.

If you signed up but haven’t heard from us yet, don’t worry - we’re still reviewing your information and will be in touch soon.

How does Marketplace calculate demand?

When you check demand you’ll see how many Rentalcars.com customers have been searching for cars in your area within a certain time period. That’s demand you can tap into right now. Demand will vary depending where you are in the country. We present your fleet to those customers when they search at or near your location. Your job is easy - make cars available at a competitive price. Done.

What if there’s no demand in my area?

It’s unlikely. But if there’s no current demand in your area we’ll be sure to contact you again when the situation changes so you don’t miss out.

How long does the registration take?

The process is straightforward and you’ll be guided through each step with additional help available all the way through. The process isn’t instant because there are certain documents you need to upload like your insurance. However, once we have these the Marketplace Team will work quickly to get you online. And the good news is that you can sign-up today and then add your information in stages. We know you’re busy running a business so you can onboard at your own pace.

Will I be able to update my registration details at a later date?

Once you’ve registered you can edit some information at any time, like the number of cars you allocate to Marketplace and all your prices. You can also create, edit and remove length of rental discounts. However, some of the information you’ll only be able to change once you’ve gone live, like your company information, location details, etc. If at any point in the registration you marked something as ‘Complete’ by mistake, get in touch and we’ll look at that for you.

When will my cars start appearing on Rentalcars.com search results?

After you complete your pricing, fleet listing and allocation and supply your company information we run a few checks and put you live. Checks usually take a few days. If you supply information quickly and double check your details for errors before you send we’ll have you live on the search listings in no time.

How will I know when I’ve got a reservation?

As soon as customers book one of your cars through Rentalcars.com we’ll send you a reservation alert. You can see all reservations at a glance on your Marketplace Dashboard. The Dashboard is very easy to use and you’ll quickly become familiar with it as it’s where you’ll go to change prices and allocation numbers too.

Do I need to confirm my bookings?

There’s no need because at Marketplace you’ve already told us which of your cars are available. Once the customer makes a reservation, all you need to do is ensure the car they’ve booked is ready on the right date and time.

How much control do I have over prices?

You have complete control over your prices and it will be one of your jobs to keep them fair and up to date. Want to offer a discount? Or make changes ahead of peak season? That’s absolutely fine. Simply login to your Marketplace Dashboard, make the changes and they’ll go live as soon as you hit enter. We do ask for price parity. Marketplace works because our partnerships are built on trust. We trust you. You trust us. Customers trust us both. If customers can see that they could have found a better price by booking direct with you, our relationship won’t work long term. That’s why you’re free to adjust your prices as you choose to maximise the additional revenue you can make through Rentalcars.com.

Can I add discounts and special rates?

Of course. The Marketplace Dashboard allows you to publish a special rate straightaway or for future dates. You have complete flexibility.

Can I add Extras?

Absolutely. Rentalcars.com is designed to help you gain good additional revenue from Extras like child seats.

What is the commission rate?

All income secured through Rentalcars.com is subject to a commission. For ease this is automatically deducted when funds are released. Our commission levels may be different from territory to territory or, on occasions from one location to another (if you have multiple locations). However, you will be able to see your commission level on various pages in Marketplace. Commission is calculated by applying a % to the Sales Price once your Tax has been deducted. We don’t charge commission on the tax that is included in the Sales Price.

When does the customer pay?

All customers pay at the time of booking. Once the rental period ends, Marketplace will transfer the funds to you, minus the commission. You can read all about how the billing works in the ‘Help’ section once you’ve signed up.

How do I get paid?

You can expect regular, fast and accurate payment from us. After the rental, you send us a request for payment (minus our commission) and we send you a Virtual Credit Card (VCC) number so that you can take payment out. It’s easy and automated.

Does it cost me to take payment using VCCs?

No, taking payment with a Virtual Credit Card (VCC) is just the same as taking payment by credit card from your customers. VCC payments are subject to the same processing cost that your credit card acquirer charges.

Is there a minimum/maximum number of cars I can add?

No. You simply provide us with an allocation of your fleet vehicles. Marketplace exists to help independent suppliers make sure more of their cars are driven more of the time. You have complete control of how many cars you allocate. There’s no limit to the additional business you could gain.

Are there any rules for the condition of the cars?

Any vehicles that you assign to our customers should:

  • Be less than 3 years old
  • Have less than 50,000 miles on the clock
  • Be road legal in terms of:
    • Ownership. You own the vehicles and they are not sub-leased/rented.
    • Condition. All cars are up to date in terms of all manufacturers recalls.
    • Insurance. You provide insurance for customers.
    • Maintenance. Have had routine/scheduled maintenance. Parts subject to wear and tear are regularly checked (e.g. tyres and brakes).

How do you classify/group cars?

We use ACRISS (The Association of Car Rental Industry Systems Standards) codes to classify cars into groups. As you may know, this easy classification system defines vehicles by category, type, transmission and fuel type. It’s one of the best ways for us and our customers to quickly and easily compare like with like cars. All pricing, allocation and reservations are done at this level.

What happens if a booking is cancelled?

If the customer cancels we will let you know as soon as we know so you can make the vehicle available once again for other customers. You can see the full details on the cancellation policy in the ‘Set your policies’ section in the registration process.

What happens if a customer does not show up (no show)?

There is no refund when the customer fails to show up to collect their car. All customers booking with you will pay at the time they make their booking. This always significantly reduces the likelihood of a “No Show”. You can see the full details on the ‘no show’ criteria in the ‘Set your policies’ section in the registration process.

What happens if I don’t have the right car for a booking?

Marketplace is built on trust. Customers trust that you will have the right car available. If you can’t honour the original booking it will be up to you to arrange a suitable alternative (either another car of the same grade or better).

What regular checks will I need to do?

The technology takes care of just about everything. However, it’s up to you to:

  • Keep our allocation and your prices up to date.
  • Ensure your Ts & Cs are accurately represented by the Policies you set up in Marketplace and which we show to customers.
  • Keep your account secure (passwords, user accounts etc).

What if I operate in more than one country?

That’s OK, just create a new account for each different country.

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